Please don’t buy this system.

cant you just turn the camera around or put a blanket over it.

still a mic though 

and theres the chance that it might say something like “error kinect camera cannot function when obscured”

Videogame consoles are not supposed to spy on you.

Videogame consoles are not supposed to potentially rat you out to the government.

Videogame consoles are not supposed to arbitrarily decide who sees what’s on the screen and what’s not.

I have never told anyone not to buy a videogame console, but in this case, knowing what I know about the Xbox One, I am seriously imploring people not to buy this machine. The console will not be consumer-friendly, and between the above and an always-on internet connection, how do you know your hobby isn’t siphoning personal information to…well, who knows who?

Suffice it to say, the Xbox 360 will be my last Microsoft console. I don’t care how many more Halo games get churned out.

Adding this here from my videogame blog because it’s too important, and the potential for Microsoft to spy on us, then report findings to the government if asked…yeah, no.

Spread the word!

If you haven’t read George Orwell’s “1984”, do so.


Bill Gates is watching you.

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why must we play god

For the inner gamer/stoner

no. why would you think that. this isn’t “for” anyone. this is a sick monument to the folly of man

I had no idea Microsoft was making cupcakes.

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Cyrodiil’s Finest

All art done by (c)Ayleid

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(Wake me up) Wake me up inside

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I’e decided to have another giveaway, yay! ; w ; What you’ll get to win is this lovely Boss Key Necklace from Fangamer!

Rules // 

1.  You don’t need to be following me, but it would be nice! n_n

2. Reblog this post. Likes are counted!

3. The winner will be picked with random.org.

4. Make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you if you win!! ; w ;

5. I will ship internationally!! 

6. Make sure you’re 18 years old, or at least have parents permission. 

7. No giveaway blogs! sorry! ;_;

Giveaway ends July 31st! Goodluck!~ 

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The biggest casualty at the Battle for Kvatch was the tragic loss of Matius’ pants.

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By the nine! Look at who I’ve found floating around on tumblr!

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